§1. Unless there are no different writing agreements, the following conditions of the contract count to all of our business and services. In case of changing these, they have no validity for the following contracts.

§2. The delivery time that is given in the contract by AS-4-CARS is kept in the best way that is possible.
In any case the force majeure clause counts.The contract is not finishes until the completely business is carried out completely.

§3. The contracting partners himself or a person that is named by him, has the check the product / service by ending the business.Claims which are not indicated within 48 hours after handing out the product are not indicated.

§4. The whole Logistic that continues to the business is made at the expenses of the contacting partner or a person / company that is named by him.
For appearing insurance damages and claims resulting from it to compensation the contracting partner is responsible, especially what concerns to get necessary documents towards the insurer, also if the company AS-4-CARS has insured by the name of the contracting partner

§5. The payment conditions are given in each Sales contract.

§6. Products belong AS-4-CARS until the invoice is not completely paid.
Advance payments are not paid back in case of an insolvency of the buyer.

§7. AS-4-CARS is given no guarantee for delivered products. Exclusively the guarantee term of the manufactures reach. In this case the buyer has to get directly in contact with the manufacturer.

§8. A return, exchange or complaint after contract signing is not possible

§9. Legal venue for possible disputes from the contracts is the company headquarters of the salesclerk, in this case Hamburg / Germany and must be discussed in German. All business activities that are made by AS-4-CARS (also in the EU) are defeated by the German legislation.

Hamburg, 2017